End of the Year Updates

As the madness in the world goes on, I tried to find some time between free and commissoned projects to update my portfolio for the upcoming year.

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Melodic Diary Out Now

After making beats, recording my lyrics and producing Hip-Hop music in the last two years, I rediscovered some older Singer-Songwriter tracks of mine.

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Ghettofist of Love Can save Your Life!

No panic! But in times of the Coronavirus disease you probably should think twice before shaking hands.

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Just Be Fucking Nice

A ground rule. Remember it. Respect it. Respect the world. Respect the people. Be honest. Be friendly. Be loyal. Be nice.

Ghettofist of Love.


What Is Creative Consulting? Why Are You so Egocentric? Why the ‚x‘ and What the Fuck?

Yeah people you heard right - Creative Consulting. I call it the "Art of Consulting' - the kind of consulting that brings effectiveness in your business.

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Year 2020 – It’s Time For New Adventures

Welcome the new website of Artfatale. This site contains a glimpse selection of my latest and archived, mostly commercial projects. ...

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