After three months in our year 2022 I managed to finish a great new branding project which you can see in the "Branding" category besides some nice photography work and graphic updates - feel free to check out the new work throughout the website.
Another great branding project is unfortunately on hold so I can focus on a new task as a UX-Consultant for a big electricity provider in the next months. Of course this is not the only project I'm on:

/ Artfatale Book is still in the progress. It's just a lot of work to digitalize all the creative work of 20 years.

/ A movie script is going to be written and hopefully funded someday. Besides the second movie, in which I was allowed to act and creatively support will get a worldwide video on demand distribution this year:

/ New music is being produced. Not only a new "Steppenwolf" Rap-album but also a collaboration EP and feature work for the great ESC-Laboratory and Doc. Atmosfearcrush. Enjoy a preview track here:

Stay tuned for more!